New video : GIrls Like me

“Showcasing honest, heartfelt lyricism and gentle passionate vocals, Grey bares it all in this stunningly emotive track. Her delicate tone glides across the simple piano melody, crafting an effortless style and ease to the song.”

- Earmilk

“The song and its accompanying video are an intimate spotlight on vulnerability, an expressing of inner emotions we may feel more comfortable hiding from others. It’s a portrayal of persona, another side to a young person in the public eye- a theme that makes up the six song EP.”

- Atwood Magazine



"The 19 year old singer brings Hollywood glamour to a sultry story of love, drugs, and vanity"

- Galore Magazine


"A heartfelt lowrider that woos its way into your teen dream heart like a rebellious cross betweenLorde and Christina Aguilera."

   - Neon Gold Records


Emerging vocal sensation Fiona Grey has been writing and performing music for over 10 years with Los Angeles as her backdrop. Originally from Chicago, Grey utilizes the earnest nature of her raw vocal quality defining her sound as “dark pop” teased by shades of sultry, soulful melodies. 

In 2014, Grey toured North America performing vocals for KITTEN alongside artists Charli XCX, Foals, and Liz. Her voice has been heard on nationally renowned stages such as Ahmanson Theatre, The Walt Disney Concert Hall and recently took LA’s The Troubadour by storm with music from her 2014 EP "Belladonna". Grey has received airplay on KCRW, KX935, KUCI and college radio stations around the country.

She describes her upcoming EP as a journey through obsession, bliss, and heartbreak, drawing parallels between the powers of worship and money. In the new EP, Grey shares her perspectives on nontraditional forms of love, showcasing her most mature music yet. She vocalizes her vulnerability and anger toward the world we are living in while expressing her desires for the world we are shaping.






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