looking back~

Three years ago today I played the The Viper Room. I remember having to sit outside in the cold before I played because I was only 18 years old. I was covering Bootylicious by Beyonce (lol) and I was scared out of my mind. I get so sentimental when I think about all the amazing this I've learned in created since my first EP. It makes this project even more special because I feel like I grow every single day as an artist and as a person. I pride myself on being fearless and relentless with everything I do. I refuse to anything that isn't the best I can do. This EP is so special to me and the fact that people who love me and support me are apart of it becoming a reality makes it more special then some big shot writing me a check. 


As of today we have over $5,500 to raise. Please share with your friends who support independent musicians lives their dreams and being fearless. 




guns guns guns

5 minutes ago a guy got shot outside my house. It has me so infuriated that gun control is still a question. You don’t realize how far it’s gotten until it’s happened to someone near and dear to you. Wake up America. We are so desensitized to shootings. Most of them don’t even make it to the news. We average one MASS SHOOTING A DAY. What the fuck? Not even counting all the shootings like the one that happened right outside my house. One of my earliest memories is being 5 years old and seeing a guy get shot by a gang outside my house. What is it gonna have to take to make us take this more seriously? How many parents, children, husbands, wives have to die before we stop fucking around? I’m so over this. 

i’ve missed being on stage. 

each show I feel like I’m a little closer, a little stronger. I feel utter joy. 

I thank every one who has supported me this past year. It’s been a tough one but it’s been so gratifying. 

tomorrow we continue to take it one step further - new songs, new dances, custom made outfits. this is the future. 

SATURDAY, MARCH 28th 10:30pm : $10 (if you buy today) 

at The Lyric 

fionagreymusic.com for more info